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September 29, 2011


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Dan Kulp

Great pics!

Sally Zaengle

Oh my goodness! Looking at all those pictures brought back so much of the warmth and love of the weekend. Thanks for posting.


I have been a Justin Gerard fan for several years now--I don't know if I know anyone else who knows about him. :) I first saw his work in his illustrations for The Lightlings (in my opinion the pictures are better than the text), and then I bought D a canvas reproduction of a painting he did of the wall of Jerusalem being rebuilt under Nehemiah (it's on my dining room wall should you remember pics from my blog...).

I need to check out the Rabbit Room since I also love Sally Lloyd-Jones and Andrew Peterson--thanks for sharing!

Shauna Peterson

A great synopsis. Thanks for the amazing pictures.

Julie Silander

I found you! So very glad to have met you in TN. Wonderful pictures. Enjoy your beautiful little people :) Julie

Alyssa Ramsey

Really great shots. Thanks!

Pete Peterson

Heather, do you mind if we use some of your pictures?


Super pics. A wonderful summary of the folks, the art and the food. (Well, the food was a work of art so I guess I'm being redundant).


Thanks so much, everyone! I only wish we got more good ones. Next year we'll really get into everyone's faces and take even more photos.


Pete and anyone else, feel free to use the Hutchmoot pics. Just give me credit for them, please!


this looks like a really cool gathering. dave is intriqued...maybe we'll have to take a trip to tennessee. i told dave about justing gerard because i thought he'd like him and he already new about him- he's always ahead of me. ;) i am jealous of the chef's truck.

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